Tampa Dads Create Device to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Two Florida fathers are doing their part to make sure no child ever dies in a hot car again.

Fadi Shamma and Jim Friedman, who are neighbors in Tampa, created Sense-A-Life, a two-stage device that uses sensors to remind parents or caretakers to take a child out of a car.

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Dads Invent Simple Device To Prevent Hot Car Fatalities

As we head into warm-weather seasons, parents are reminded of the tragedies that occur each year when small children are accidentally left in hot cars.

Two dads from Tampa, Florida have developed a product which they say will prevent hot car fatalities and give parents peace of mind. It’s called Sense-A-Life…

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Two Dads Invent Device to Prevent Kids From Being Left Behind in Hot Cars

In a busy world full of distractions and distracting devices, one product could turn out to be the difference between life and death. Sense A Life is the creation of two Florida fathers who hope to prevent children from being left behind in hot cars.

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This Dad’s Invention Could Solve the Problem of Kids Left in Hot Cars

Every year in Australia around 5000 children have to be rescued from cars. Many people don’t realize that the temperatures in cars can be 30 degrees hotter than the weather outside, this dangerous heat can cause dehydration, heat stroke and even death.

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How Sense a Life Is Saving Lives

We are all hurt and devastated to read or hear about children dying in car seats. They are left, intentionally or unintentionally in the car where it gets too hot or too cold and they pass away. How can we ensure the safety of our children in our cars?

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Sense A Life is a car seat monitor that could save a life

It’s actually easier than some can imagine to leave a child behind in a car. Sense A Life aims to stop this from happening by acting as a warning to warn parents and caregivers of a child left behind in a car.

There are two parts to the device and the founders say…

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Some truly useful tech: A sensor for your child’s car seat

A Washington Post Magazine story about children accidentally left in cars has haunted me for years.

The story, called “Fatal Distraction” and published in 2009, centered on the horrifying mistake that can lead to a child’s death. What’s more confounding is…

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ObservaMé Fitness Apparel Solves Fitness Tracker Problem

Boston, MA, April 15, 2017 –(PR.com)– ObservaMé 618 (pronounced ob-serve-a-may), simply means “watch me,” and is a brand-new fitness apparel line that incorporates both function and fashion for wearable technology fitness trackers. The Tampa, FL based brand is…

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5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

“This half-zip is genius. It is something I didn’t know I needed but now that I have, I can’t live without. With clothes from ObservaMé, they include a special watch opening so you can easily keep an eye on your stats in the coldest of weather. No more fiddling with your sleeves or having no easy way to see your watch in cold climates!”

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